Unsolved Murders

Jesa Rose Corazza

Age: 17

Sex: female

Date: 3 Nov 1934

Place: Radnor Street, Chelsea

Jesa Rose Corazza died from an illegal operation on 3 November 1934.

She had had a miscarriage on 28 October 1934 and was then taken to St Luke Hospital where she died.

The pathologist said that her cause of death was heart failure following acute blood poisoning consequent on the use of an instrument. He added that the possibility of her having used the instrument on herself was very remote. He said that the injuries that she had received were probably caused by someone accustomed to that kind of work.

Her mother said that she didn't know if anyone had interfered with her daughter but said that, 'She tried to tell me something when she was dying. I don't know what it was'.

She had been a dancer.

A verdict of murder against some person or persons unknown was returned.

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