Unsolved Murders

Fredick Cuthbert

Age: 53

Sex: male

Date: 10 Dec 1934

Place: 156 Rolleston Drive, Nottingham

Fredick Cuthbert died from ammonia poisoning.

His wife said that on 18 October 1934 Fredick Cuthbert went downstairs to make the fire and then shortly after called to her from the bottom of the stairs saying that his voice sounded strange.

She said that she then went downstairs and found him in the kitchen and said that he pointed to two bottles on the table. It was found that one of them contained his medicine and that the other had contained ammonia.

He was taken to the hospital on 18 October 1934 where he stayed until 29 October, but was readmitted on 4 December and died on 10 December 1934.

His wife said that Fredick Cuthbert had suffered from neurasthenia and had been under the doctor for some years. She said that he had been depressed at times but had never heard him threaten to take his life.

A doctor said that his cause of death was due to stricture of the gullet caused by ammonia poisoning.

The Coroner said that there was no evidence to prove whether the ammonia was taken intentionally or accidentally.

An open verdict was returned.

He was a commercial traveller.

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