Unsolved Murders


Age: 0

Sex: male

Date: 3 Jan 1934

Place: Uffculme

A newly-born child was strangled shortly after birth.

The child’s mother died soon after the birth from haemorrhage and shock following child birth.

The father was tried for the murder of the child who had a ribbon tied round its neck.

The court heard that when the mother gave birth to the child, the father was the first person to see it. Then, two hours later, the father called in a neighbour who saw that the child had a piece of tape round its neck and was dead. When the neighbour asked the father who put the tape there he said that the mother must have done it.

A doctor said that the child had had a separate existence and had died from strangulation.

The judge said that only two people could have tied the tape, the father or the mother who died later that evening in hospital, who he said was not in a condition to tie it.

The court heard that the mother was not strong mentally and it was agreed that a woman in childbirth sometimes might not realise what she was doing.

At the mother's inquest, the Coroner stated that some negligence was attributable to the father who it was said had not immediately summoned assistance when he knew of the mother’s condition. The Coroner added that however reprehensible the jury might regard the fathers conduct to have been, neglect to summon assistance promptly was not a criminal offence.

At the murder trial the father was found not guilty.

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