Unsolved Murders

Denis Hynes

Age: 41

Sex: male

Date: 14 Aug 1911

Place: Anderton Street, Ince

Source: discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk

Denis Hynes died from a head injury.

A man was charged with his murder but there are no known trial results.

The man said that Denis Hynes had fallen and hit his head on the ground.

The police had said that the man had kicked Denis Hynes.

Denis Hynes was a collier. On the evening of 4 August 1911 he was at 3 Anderton Street with several other people having got there at 11pm. They supped together and at about 11.30pm the man came into the house drunk and uninvited and started to quarrel with Denis Hynes.

Thje man accused Denis Hynes of telling tales to the landlord of his house. The owners of the house at 3 Anderton Street asked the man to leave and he quarrelled with them too and then left. As he was leaving he used a nasty expression to the owners of the house and said to Denis Hynes, 'I'll have it in for thee for telling the landlord tales'.

A few minutes after the man left Denis Hynes went out to use the water closet. Later a man that had been at 3 Anderton Street when the quarrel occurred left the house to go to Denis Hynes house but found that he was not home. On his way back he went past the man house and saw him cowering there. As he then continued his way back to 3 Anderton Street he passed 11 Anderton Street and saw Denis Hynes lying on the ground.

The man said that there was no one else around when he had seen the man cowering at his entry.

A neighbour called to the man 'The man has kicked Denis'.

Denis Hynes was carried into 3 Anderton Street and the police were called. Denis Hynes was at that time dead.

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