Unsolved Murders

Margaret Caroline Eleanor Bullmore

Age: 44

Sex: female

Date: 1 Nov 1901

Place: 8 Chelmsford Street, Fulham

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Margaret Caroline Eleanor Bullmore died from pneumonia consequent on fractures to her ribs.

Her sister said that she saw her on 28 October 1901 and said that she appeared to be in good health but that after Margaret Bullmore was taken to the infirmary she was very weak. She said that Margaret Bullmore first told her that she had met with an accident but on another occasion said that she had either fallen or had been pushed.

Margaret Bullmore had lived at 8 Chelmsford Street in Fulham with a woman and the woman's father. The woman said that they had all lived happily at first but that latterly they had been very quarrelsome and had all drunk to excess.

She said that Margaret Bullmore had previously fallen in a drunken condition and that on the Sunday before she was taken to the infirmary said that the father had given her a blow on the Thursday. The woman said that Margaret Bullmore repeated the statement again in the infirmary and had never told her that she had fallen down.

When the woman was later questioned further she said that she had seen her father hit Margaret Bullmore before and said that they were both given to drinking.

At the inquest the Coroner said that if the jury found that the father had inflicted the injuries that Margaret Bullmore had suffered from then the matter would be a serious one, but that if they felt that there was insufficient evidence to prove that that was the case then they should return an open verdict.

The jury then returned an open verdict.

see West London Observer - Friday 01 November 1901