Unsolved Murders

Shanay Walker

Age: 7

Sex: female

Date: 1 Jul 2014

Place: Bestwood Park, Nottingham

Source: www.bbc.com

Shanay Walker died from a head injury.

Her aunt and guardian were tried for her murder but acquitted although she and had grandmother were convicted of child cruelty.

Shanay Walker had more than 50 injuries to her body, face, arms, legs and buttocks which the prosecution had said were the result of a sustained, vicious and brutal beating.

However, Shanay Walker's aunt said that Shanay Walker had fallen down the stairs.

The grandmother was also found guilty of forcing some other children to sit in icy was for extended periods of time such that when they got out, they could barely stand up by themselves.

A paramedic that arrived at the scene said that when he found Shanay Walker, her legs were covered in bruises and scab wounds.

When teachers at Shanay Walker's school gave evidence, they said that Shanay Walker had initially been bubbly and happy but that she later became introverted and anxious in her aunts presence.

Shanay Walker's neighbours said that they had seen Shanay Walker upset, crying and even hysterical at times.

The judge noted that the not guilty verdict for murder was returned because the Jury could not be certain that the aunt had caused the fatal injury. However, he said, 'Your ill treatment of that little girl was frequent and wicked and lasted over the two years when she was in your care. You hit her, taunted her and you abused her in unimaginable ways. Maybe you were not responsible for the fatal head injury. But whatever its cause, I am wholly satisfied that you beat Shanay over and over, shortly before she died'.

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