Unsolved Murders


Age: 11 months

Sex: male

Date: 3 Dec 1935

Place: Warwick

An 11-month old child was found dead in a bed.

The mother said that she had covered it with bedclothes and fallen asleep on it.

She was charged with the child's murder and tried at the Warwick Assizes on 2 December 1935 but acquitted.

She was a domestic servant and said that the man that she had been living with the previous two years had just been sent to prison and said that her landlady had told her that her child would have to go into an institution.

She said, 'I did not intend to kill my baby'. She said that she covered it with the bedclothes and lay beside it and then later found herself lying across the child.

The landlady said that after the child was found dead she saw the mother nursing it as if it were alive.

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