Unsolved Murders

Caroline Carver

Age: 51

Sex: female

Date: 24 Aug 1935

Place: Shropshire Union Canal, Edgmond, Newport, Salop

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Caroline Carver died after falling into a canal.

Her husband was tried for her murder at the Salop Assizes but the court heard that there was no motive and he was acquitted.

It was said that her husband had pushed or thrown her into the canal. It was heard that he had been seen with her at about 8.30pm on the night in question. However, he denied that, saying that he had left her at 7.30pm and had not seen her again, saying that he had spent the time going round a store and visiting two pubs.

Caroline Carver and her husband had met about 18 months before when Caroline Carver went to live with her husband to be and his brother as a housekeeper. They married a month later and were said to be perfectly friendly. They have both been previously married and their marriage was the second marriage for both of them.

The husbands brother said that when the husband came home on the night of 24 August 1935 he asked him where Caroline Carver was and said that the husband replied that they had parted on the canal bridge over two hours earlier and that he had last seen her walking off along the canal towards Edgmond.

Her body was found the next morning 400 yards from Edgmond Bridge.

The doctor said that there were no marks of violence or signs of a struggle.

When the husband was charged he said, 'It is wrong, it is wrong. I have not murdered her'.

The husband was an agricultural labourer.

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