Unsolved Murders

Annie Maria Towell Lowe

Age: 41

Sex: female

Date: 19 Dec 1934

Place: Lighthouse Row, Paull, Hull

Annie Maria Towell Lowe died from a suspected illegal operation.

She died in the Hull Royal Infirmary on 19 December 1934. It was alter found that she had been pregnant and that there were suspicious circumstances.

Her husband said that Annie Lowe had had fairly good health up until about 3 or 4 December 1934 when she complained to him. He said that he told her that she had better be attended by a doctor but said that she refused, saying that she would be alright in a day or two. However, she gradually got worse and on 10 December 1934 the husband sent for a doctor and Annie Lowe was taken to the Hull Infirmary on 12 December 1934.

A doctor at the infirmary said that Annie Lowe was suffering from a severe haemorrhage when she was admitted and that her pulse was rapid and her temperature rather high.

He said that an immediate operation was carried out and a blood transfusion made after which her condition improved but she later had a relapse and died on 19 December 1934.

The doctor said that when he examined her body he found signs of injured tissue and said that her death was due to blood poisoning.

However, after some investigation several doctors came up with other opinions. One doctor said that it was possible that a fall might have caused her condition and another pathologist said that there was no proof of instrumental interference. Another doctor said that he could not say beyond suspicion what the cause of death was but said that in his opinion there had probably been instrumental interference, although he added that it was possible that her injuries could have been self-inflicted.

The Coroner said that if the jury felt that an instrument had been used in some way then they could return a verdict of manslaughter or murder, but asked what evidence there was for that, stating that there was none. He then said that if they were not satisfied that there was no criminal interference, then they could return an open verdict.

An open verdict was returned.

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