Unsolved Murders

Nikki Allan

Age: 7

Sex: female

Date: 8 Oct 1992

Place: Quayside Exchange, Wear Garth, Sunderland

Nikki Allan was beaten and stabbed to death in the Exchange Building, Sunderland, a disused warehouse.

She had been beaten to death with a blunt instrument and stabbed 37 times. Her post-mortem stated that she had died from multiple head injuries and a fractured skull.

Her body was described as blood splattered. The police said that there was no evidence of sexual interference.

Her shoes and coat had been removed and were found near the building minutes before searchers found her body.

Following the discovery of her body in Quayside Exchange, which was close to Fish Quay, on 8 October 1992 at about 10.40am, the police said that they began a search for the blunt murder weapon.

Quayside Exchange was described as a burnt-out building on High Street West and as being within sight of Wear Garth Flats where she had lived.

During the early stages of the investigation the police asked parents to be careful as it could happen again and said that they had not ruled out a connection between her murder and the 'red car' series of attempted abductions across the north-east.

Shortly after her murder a man confessed and was tried but was acquitted after it was heard that his confession was made under oppressive conditions. At the trial the judge had refused to allow the jury to hear the tape recordings of the man's confession, stating that they were inadmissible and he then criticised the police for ‘oppressive questioning’ and for misrepresenting evidence.

The man was later successfully sued in a civil court for battery of a child resulting in her death.

In 2014 a convicted child killer was questioned over her murder but no further action was taken.

In 2016 it was reported that a girl that had been 12-years-old at the time and baby-sitting came forward with new information about the murder after seeing the sketch of a man on the television detailing a man that the police were looking for.

In 2017 new DNA evidence was found which was thought could help identify her murderer and in April 2018 a man was arrested in relation to her murder. The man was re-arrested for her murder on 3 May 2019 but nothing more is known.

In August 2020 it was reported that Nikki Allan's mother was to meet with new witnesses.

In May 2022 a 54-year-old man that lived in Chesterton Court, Norton, County Durham was charged with her murder. He was not any of the other men previously announced as being arrested.

Nikki Allan was last seen on the council estate where she lived, Wear Garth. Her mother said that they were coming back from Nikki Allan's grandparents flat which was two story’s above theirs, saying that she sent her ahead so that she could watch television. She said that a minute later she looked over the balcony into the quadrangle below and saw Nikki Allan there. However, she said that by the time she got there Nikki Allan had vanished

She said that she spent the next two hours searching for her and then called the police.

Nikki Allan had lived in Wear Garth flats with her 25-year-old mother and her three sisters aged eight, four and two.

She had gone to St John's and St Patrick's Primary on Church Street East.

The man that was arrested in April 2018 had lived in Middleton Walk, near Stockton town centre and witnesses said that they saw forensic officers in white suits coming and going for about eight hours, bringing out numerous plastic bags filled with items.

Wear Garth flats where Nikki Allan had lived were later demolished.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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