Unsolved Murders

Mary Rose

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Date: 14 Nov 1936

Place: River Dee, Chester

Mary Rose was said to have died after being pushed into the River Dee.

An unemployed labourer was charged with having cast her in the river on 14 November 1936 upon his own confession, but the charges were later dropped after it was said that there was no truth in what he had said. He was discharged on 30 November 1936.

The man had confessed to knocking her into the river and then leaving her to drown, however, her body was never recovered. He confessed to the Flintshire Police on 14 November 1936.

The chief constable said, 'At the time I was very dubious that there was anything in it. After extensive inquiries and a great deal of trouble the police have not been able to make any progress or to confirm what the man had stated. I have not the least doubt that he had not told the whole truth. At the same time, I want to make further enquiries to see what position we shall be in at the end of another week. It may be that I shall have to take a certain course with regard to him'.

A detective sergeant said that he had been notified of several missing women named Mary Rose but said that their descriptions did not tally with the one made by the man that confessed to pushing her in to the river.

The magistrates clerk noted that there was a very high pressure in the river at that time and that a body might be taken out for miles.

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