Unsolved Murders

Frederick William Watts

Age: 63

Sex: male

Date: 14 Jul 1936

Place: 30 Olinda Street, Fratton

Frederick William Watts was found unconscious on his bed and was taken to St Mary's Hospital where he later died on 14 July 1936.

He was found to have two bruises on his forehead and one to the back of his skull. He also had haemorrhage on the surface of his brain and his death was due to cerebral haemorrhage.

His brother said that Frederick Watts didn't go out at all on the Sunday 12 July 1936 and that on the Monday morning he heard him groaning and that when he went to his room at 7am he  found him to be unconscious.

When questioned, the brother said that he didn't know how Frederick Watts had come to have the bruises on him that were found at the hospital.

A policeman that went to Frederick Watts's home said that his room was in a deplorable state and that his bed was filthy.

At the inquest, the landlord of 30 Olinda Street, after hearing what the policeman had said, wrote, 'The policeman stated that the room where deceased was living was in a 'deplorable state' and the bed was filthy. May I be allowed to state that the rest of the house is in a perfectly clean and healthy condition and I had no idea of the state of the deceased man's room until I found him on the Monday morning. I am writing this to make it quite clear that the state of the deceased man's room casts no reflection against my wife and I'.

An open verdict was returned.

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