Unsolved Murders

Ienan Lionel Theipland Evans

Age: 17

Sex: male

Date: 4 Apr 1936

Place: Little Bathampton House, Steeple Langford, Salisbury

Ienan Lionel Theipland Evans was found shot with a rifle by his side.

He was from Lovesgrove in Aberystwyth but had been a pupil at Eton College.

He had driven from Eton the previous day in his sports car to stay at his aunts house at Little Bathampton House in Steeple Langford near Salisbury.

Shortly after arriving he went out for a drive but got into an accident about 100 yards from Little Bathampton House.

Both cars were badly damaged and driver of the other car received concussion as a result.

When the police arrived Ienan Evans was not at the scene of the accident and when they went to Little Bathampton House he was not there either. As a result, a search was made for him and Ienan Evans was found soon after dead in a withy bed in the grounds of the house.

A rifle missing from the gun rack at the house was found by his side with a discharged cartridge in it.

A friend of the family described Ienan Evans as a fine and frank boy without a care in the world.

An open verdict was returned. It was said that he had died from gunshot wounds in the head but that there was no evidence to state whether it was done accidentally or otherwise.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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