Unsolved Murders

Ivy Irene Shawcroft

Age: 19

Sex: female

Date: 3 Nov 1936

Place: 238 Alfred Street, Nottingham

Ivy Irene Shawcroft died from an illegal operation.

A open verdict was returned, stating that she had died from peritonitis consequent upon abortion due to outside interference.

She was admitted to the City Hospital on 25 October 1936 and later died there on 3 November 1936.

She had lived with her grandmother at 238 Alfred Street, Nottingham. Her mother, who lived elsewhere, said that she had been unaware of Ivy Shawcroft's condition. She said that Ivy Shawcroft never told her any of her business stating that she treated her more as a sister than a mother.

The mother said that she was told that Ivy Shawcroft was ill on 22 October 1936 and went to see her the following day and said that a doctor was later called, and she was taken to the hospital. The mother said that she went to see Ivy Shawcroft at the hospital and said that when she asked her what the doctor had told her Ivy Shawcroft said, 'You will be all right now, Ivy, and don't be silly again'. The mother said that at the time she was unaware that Ivy Shawcroft had been suffering from anything but a cold and said that at no subsequent time was she aware of Ivy Shawcroft's condition.

Ivy Shawcroft's grandmother said that Ivy Shawcroft had complained of having a headache on a certain occasion but said that when she asked Ivy Shawcroft if she would like a doctor said, that Ivy Shawcroft replied, 'If you do I shall get up and walk out'. However, she said that when Ivy Shawcroft stopped eating a doctor was sent for. She said that on the first occasion a doctor was called out the doctor had said that Ivy Shawcroft was suffering from influenza and bronchitis, but that when the doctor was called out on the Sunday morning, 25 October, he ordered Ivy Shawcroft to be taken to the hospital.

The grandmother said that she didn't know that Ivy Shawcroft had been enceinte.

A doctor said that when Ivy Shawcroft was admitted to the hospital she had been suffering from bleeding and said that she was attended to and the bleeding ceased and she was returned to bed and did very well. However, he said that on the Monday, 2 November 1936, her pulse rate rose and when he went to see her he found her in a collapsed condition. He said that, 'obviously some abdominal catastrophe had taken place. He said that she had acute generalised peritonitis and that the cause of death was acute generalised peritonitis'.

A police surgeon said that in probability, the infection had come from the outside by some means, but not done with an instrument. He added that it was possible that Ivy Shawcroft had caused the infection herself but said that it was improbable.

Ivy Shawcroft had been a tobacco stripper.

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