Unsolved Murders


Age: 0

Sex: male

Date: 4 Feb 1937

Place: River Parrett, Horn Field, Combwich, Bridgwater

The body of a newly-born child was found on the bank of the River Parrett in a brown paper parcel on the morning of Thursday 4 February 1937 at about 11am.

It was found by a farm labourer from Putnell Farm in Cannington.

It was thought that it had been left there by thee receding tide, but it was not clear whether it had come down the river or had been washed in from the Bristol Channel.

The body was in a brown-paper parcel that had been tied up with string and was on the river bank in Horn Field, Combwich. When the farm labourer tore the paper, he found the body of a nude male child inside.

The pathologist that examined the body said that he thought that it had been in the water for a month or more and that death had taken place before immersion.

He added that he was unable to say whether the child had been born alive or not but said that it had not received skilled attention at birth.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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