Unsolved Murders

Robina Hamilton Cairns

Age: 25

Sex: female

Date: 12 Sep 1937

Place: Barnet

Robina Hamilton Cairns died from an illegal operation. She died in Wellhouse Hospital in Barnet on 12 September 1937.

It was said that she must have had the illegal operation about four, five or six days before her death.

Two men were charged with her murder, but the charges were later reduced to manslaughter. However, at their trial at the Old Bailey they were both acquitted after it was heard that there was only suspicion against them and no evidence.

Robina Cairns was a hotel receptionist from Kirkcaldy in Scotland.

The two men charged with her manslaughter were a 34-year old boot manufacturer from Rockingham Road in Kettering an a 32-year old cheesemaker from Barnet Bypass Road in North Mimms.

When the case was heard for the bootmaker, the defence said, 'That he was responsible for this girl's condition there is no doubt, and he will pay for that all his life in other than the coin we know. The fact that he stood by this girl as any honourable man should does not expiate the fault and undo the wrong, but it does not make him a criminal'.

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