Unsolved Murders


Age: 0

Sex: female

Date: 20 May 1937

Place: Severn

The body of a newly-born female child was found in the River Severn.

It was found by the licensee of the Colin Campbell Inn on Llanthony Road at about 9.30am on 20 May 1937 floating in the water. He said that he had seen something floating in the river and with the aid of a boat hook he brought it to the bank and when he found out what it was he went off to inform the police who then took it to the mortuary.

The doctor that carried out the post-mortem said that there were no signs of gross injury visible although there were some minor injuries, but they would not have caused death. However, he said that the body was so decomposed that he could not form an opinion as to whether or not the child had had a separate existence.

He said that he thought that the child had been in the water for at least a month.

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