Unsolved Murders

Margaret Edith Dobson

Age: 26

Sex: female

Date: 3 Apr 1938

Place: Hugh Street, Victoria, London

Margaret Edith Dobson died from interference.

She had lived on Hugh Street in Victoria.

Her husband was a boarding house proprietor and said that Margaret Dobson had been in good health until 28 March 1938, saying that on that morning she had cooked breakfast at about 6.30am and then returned to bed saying that she was not very well. He said that she told him that she had a cold and that her stomach was queer, however, he said that she told him that she was 'quite herself' the following morning.

He said that on 30 March 1938 she was alright until the evening when she asked him to get one of her friends over who gave her some medicine for a cold as well as some powder and tablets. However, he said that she was sick the following day and was finally taken to Fulham Hospital where he gave permission for an operation to be carried out on her and gave some blood to be used in a transfusion.

However, she died on 3 April 1938.

He said that Margaret Dobson had not told him anything about being in a certain condition. He also added that he had never known her to do anything to herself when she was in a certain condition and said that he had done nothing to her.

A woman from Bessborough Place in Westminster said that she had received a telegram from Margaret Dobson on 30 March 1938 but denied having done anything to her to procure an abortion.

Another woman that had lived on Warwick Street in Westminster said that she was Margaret Dobson's friend and said that she had told her three weeks earlier that she was expecting a baby.

The pathologist said that her death was due to a septic abortion and said that in his opinion there had been interference.

The Coroner concluded that there had been a criminal act on Margaret Dobson but said that there was insufficient evidence to show by whom that act was committed.

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