Unsolved Murders

Geoffrey Leeming

Age: 63

Sex: male

Date: 9 Oct 1996

Place: Linley Avenue, Haxby

Source: www.yorkpress.co.uk

Geoffrey Leeming was beaten and stabbed to death in his garage.

At the time of his murder his wife had been in the house watching the television program Coronation Street.

The knife used to kill him was found along with 1,378 exhibits and nearly 1,000 statements were taken.

Geoffrey Leeming's wife, son and daughter were later charge with conspiracy to murder in 1997 but the charges against them were later dropped after the magistrates heard that the charges were based on suspicion alone and that there was no evidence against them.

Geoffrey Leeming was a former soldier

His wife later died from cancer in 2005.

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