Unsolved Murders

Lilian Louise Carne

Age: 25

Sex: female

Date: 22 Aug 1939

Place: Penvorder Cottages, St Breward, Bodmin

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Lilian Louise Carne died from sub-acute lead poisoning.

There was no evidence to show how the lead had been taken and her 57-year-old mother disappeared on the same day that Lilian Carne died.

Lilian Carne had been admitted to Bodmin Hospital on Sunday 20 August 1939 and died there two days later on 22 August 1939.

However, at the time the doctor declined to issue a certificate and the facts relating to her death were reported to the Coroner and the police. The police then sealed the doors at the cottage at St Breward where Lilian Carne lived for further examination.

The last two people to see Lilian Carne's mother before she disappeared, were a woman friend and a man whose car was hired to take them to St Blazey to make arrangements for Lilian Carne's burial in the same grave as her father who died the previous March.

Whilst the woman was at St Blazey, Lilian Carne's mother and the man drove off to see the Urban Council authorities, but before they got there, Lilian Carne's mother told the driver that he need not go any further as she could walk the rest of the way and she got out od the car and walked up a narrow lane and was not seen again.

The woman that was left at St Blazey waited for several hours for Lilian Carne to return and said, 'No-one knows what has happened to her'.

Seven miles of coastline were searched for Lilian Carne's mother but in vain.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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