Unsolved Murders

Raojibhai Kumari Patel

Age: 59

Sex: male

Date: 5 Jun 1990

Place: 70 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney, Esat London

Raojibhai Kumari Patel was shot in the groin at his sub-post office on Tuesday 5 June 1990 and later died.

He was a sub-postmaster. He and his wife were gagged and handcuffed by three armed and masked men at their sub-post-office. However, he was shot when he refused to give them any money.

The masked men were said to have been armed with two pistols and a shotgun and to have waited for Raojibhai Patel and his wife to open their sub-post office on the Tuesday morning in an upstairs room. When they arrived, they handcuffed them in the upstairs room and after threatening Raojibhai Patel, two of the men took him downstairs whilst the third stayed with Raojibhai Patel's wife. However, moments later Raojibhai Patel's wife heard a shot and after the men fled, Raojibhai Patel's wife went downstairs to find Raojibhai Patel slumped behind the counter with a bullet wound in the groin.

The men fled empty-handed.

THe police said that they were hunting three black men aged about 18-20 and between 5ft 8in and 5ft 9in tall.Two of them had been wearing stocking masks whilst the third had been wearing a balaclava.

Three men were questioned over his murder on Saturday 9 June 1990, but no charges were made.

Raojibhai Patel had worked at the sub-post office for 20 years and was described as a model postmaster.

Raojibhai Patel had lived in Limesdale Gardens, Edgeware.

The Post Office has since been turned into a bookshop.

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