Unsolved Murders

Ruby Emily Tallis

Age: 28

Sex: female

Date: 26 May 1940

Place: 25 Ribble Road, Coventry

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Ruby Emily Tallis died from septicaemia.

Her inquest stated that she had been anticipating a birth.

Her husband, a toolmaker, said that Ruby Tallis had been in good health up until 21 May 1940 and that on 24 May 1940 she had left home to go to work. He noted that she had previously told him that she didn't want a baby.

He said that when she returned home at 8.10pm she was very poorly and said that he assisted her to bed. He said that Ruby Tallis then said, 'They've done it', and said that she described what was alleged to have happened.

The husband said that at about 10.45pm he sent for a doctor but said that Ruby Tallis begged him not to tell the doctor what had happened and said that he agreed not to.

Ruby Tallis was then taken to the hospital the following day and she died the next morning.

A woman who lived at Elm Dene in Pinley Gardens, Coventry said that on the Whit-Monday Ruby Tallis had come to her door and asked where another woman lived and said that she told her. She said that the following Monday she got a card from Ruby Tallis asking her to go and see her. She said that when she went, Ruby Tallis asked her to then take her to see another woman which she did. She said that she didn't know why Ruby Tallis had wanted to see the other woman.

Another woman who lived in Gainsborough, Pinley Gardens in Coventry said that Ruby Tallis came to see her on 20 May 1940 saying that she was going to have a baby and wanted to get rid of it, however, she said that she told Ruby Tallis that she could not help her. She said that Ruby Tallis told her that her husband was going to be called up and said that she didn't want the baby as she would not be able to go out to work if she had one.

The woman said that she saw Ruby Tallis before she went into hospital and said that she asked her what was wrong and said that Ruby Tallis told her that her back was sore.

At her inquest an open verdict was returned.

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