Unsolved Murders

Ruth Alicia Joyce

Age: 19

Sex: female

Date: 13 Apr 1940

Place: 296 Allenby Road, Southall

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Ruth Alicia Joyce died following a miscarriage.

She went to a doctor on 4 March 1940 at which point she was suffering from influenza. The doctor saw her eight times and said that when he saw her on 28 March 1940, she had a high temperature and said that she had a lot of pain in her right side and the following day diagnosed her with having peritonitis.

The doctor said that when she first came to him, she had told him that she had fallen off of a bus.

Ruth Joyce was taken to hospital on 29 March 1940 where she was found to be very ill and died on 2 April 1940. It was heard that her condition was too bad for an operation but that she was given other treatment including blood transfusions.

A pathologist said that he found that Ruth Joyce had pleurisy on her right side and very severe generalise peritonitis. He said that there was no definite evidence of miscarriage but said that it was possible that a gangrenous condition that he found was caused by an instrument.

An open verdict was returned.

see Middlesex Chronicle - Saturday 13 April 1940