Unsolved Murders

Domenico Farrudia

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 31 Aug 1940

Place: Barry, Wales

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Domenico Farrudia died in Barry on 31 August 1940.

A man was tried for his manslaughter at the Glamorgan Assizes in Swansea on 11 December 1940 but acquitted.

Domenico Farrudia and the man tried for his manslaughter were both from Malta. Domenico Farrudia had lived in Thompson Street in Barry Dock.

It was heard that they had had an argument over some broken material where they worked.

It was said that the man tried for manslaughter had been seen on the Saturday 31 August 1940 with the leg of a chair and when asked what he was doing said that he was waiting for a 'bloke' who had threatened him with a razor.

It was said that when Domenico Farrudia arrived the man said, 'If you have got a razor put it on the floor' but that Domenico Farrudia had said, 'No'.

It was said that the man repeated the question, but at the same time struck Domenico Farrudia on the jaw with his fist, causing him to fall. Domenico Farrudia then died a few minutes later.

A man that had spoken to the man tried with manslaughter, said that the man had told him that if Domenico Farrudia had tried to use a razor or knife that he would strike his arm with the chair leg.

A police sergeant said that when he questioned the man tried for manslaughter, the man told him that Domenico Farrudia had threatened that if he said any more about him that he would not see the next morning's sun. He then told him that the following morning Domenico Farrudia took a razor from his pocket and told him that he wanted to keep his promise. He said that the man then said that he asked Domenico Farrudia to throw the razor on the floor and then punched him.

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