Unsolved Murders

Derek James Serpell-Morris

Age: 74

Sex: male

Date: 1 Jul 2015

Place: Cribbs Causeway, Bristol

Source: www.theguardian.com

Derek James Serpell-Morris was found dead in a wooded area near a bus stop. His post-mortem was inconclusive.

He was known as DJ Derek and had played at hundreds of events, including the Glastonbury Festival and had appeared in a number of music videos.

He was last seen leaving The Criterion pub in Ashley Road, Bristol, in the early hours of 11 July 2015. He was reported missing by his family on 23 July 2015.

The remains were found in woodland near the near Cribbs Causeway shopping centre in Patchway, Bristol on Thursday 10 March 2016 at about 4.28pm. The location was a few hundred yards from a bus stop that Derek Serpell-Morris often used.

However, his post-mortem was inclusive due to the level of decomposition and the Coroner said that he was unable to say how he died or why he was in the wooded area.

However, it was added that there was no evidence to suggest foul play nor to indicate that he had intended self-harm. The Coroner said, 'There was no positive evidence of anti-mortem injury, but it is clearly not impossible to entirely exclude an injury that damaged soft tissue only. In a man of this age it is entirely possible that he died from natural causes. Other possibilities to consider include hypothermia and overdose'.

His family sad that they thought that he might have gone into the wooded area to go to the toilet and had then suffered from a heart attack.

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