Unsolved Murders

Joseph Wilcock

Age: 48

Sex: male

Date: 27 Oct 1941

Place: Garstang Road, Preston

Joseph Wilcock was found injured on Garstang Road in Preston on the night of 27 October 1941.

He was a weighing machine maker and ironmonger and had lived in St Thomas Road in Preston and carried on his business in Lancaster Road.

He was found in the road injured at about 8pm and taken to the Preston Royal Infirmary where he later died. He had left his home shortly before to fire-watch at his business premises.

It was initially suggested that he might have been run over by a Preston Corporation fire engine, but that suggestion was later discounted after fire station records were examined and it was found that no engines had been in the vicinity at the time of the incident. It was noted however that an engine had been called out to a fire in Queen's Road, but that that had been after the ambulance had left to pick Joseph Wilcock up.

The police said that Joseph Wilcock's condition was consistent with him having been knocked down by a road vehicle and that his clothes had evidence to indicate that he had been dragged over the road.

It was heard that extensive inquiries had been made to throw light on the tragedy, including a radio appeal for information, but that no one came forward with any information that might help the investigation.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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