Unsolved Murders

Margaret Plummer

Age: 31

Sex: female

Date: 2 Apr 1941

Place: 1 New Road, Bridgwater, Somerset

Margaret Plummer died from an illegal operation.

She was an evacuee from London and had been staying at 1 New Road in Bridgwater with her three children.

After she became ill a doctor called and found her in bed. He said that she was very ill and told him that she had taken some pills. As such, he ordered that she be taken to Bridgwater Hospital where she died on 2 April 1941.

A house surgeon at the Bridgwater Hospital said that when Margaret Plummer was admitted at 9.55am she was unconscious and that she died soon after at 10.10am without regaining consciousness.

A doctor that carried out an autopsy on her on 3 April 1941 said that she died from injuries caused by an instrument.

Her husband who was still living at their home in London at 18 Gale Street, Bow, said that he last saw Margaret Plummer about six weeks before her death  and said that she told him then of her condition but said that she didn't seem worried.

The woman whose house Margaret Plummer had been living in at 1 New Road said that Margaret Plummerhad been staying with her since September 1939. She said that on the Wednesday morning, 2 April 1941, she noticed that Margaret Plummer had a terrible colour and asked her what the matter was and said that Margaret Plummer replied, 'I am not very well'.  She said that she gave her a cup of tea and noted that Margaret Plummer had been trembling very badly. She said that she then told her to go back to bed and sent for the doctor.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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