Unsolved Murders

Caroline Fisher

Age: 52

Sex: female

Date: 21 Jul 2018

Place: Buzz Bar, Ingoldmells, Skegness, Lincolnshire

Caroline Fisher died in a fight outside the Buzz Bar in Ingoldmells, Skegness.

The fight took place on the evening of Friday 20 July 2018. It was recorded by another holiday maker on their phone which the prosecution said showed the fatal blows being delivered.

At the trial it was heard that the violence started in the Buzz Bar when the man tried headbutted another man on the dancefloor, knocking him unconscious. It was heard that shortly after that that he was confronted outside the club about his behaviour and that he reacted by punching Caroline Fisher, causing her to fall to the ground after which she was kicked by the woman.

The two people, a man and a woman, were tried for her murder but were acquitted. They had been on holiday with a group at the time and were from Sheffield.

The man had punched Caroline Fisher, causing her to fall to the ground, whilst the woman had kicked her twice whilst she was on the ground.

Caroline Fisher was taken to hospital after the incident but died in the early hours of Saturday 21 July 2018. She had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

However, the pathologist said that he was unable to say whether Caroline Fisher had died from either the punch or one of the kicks or a combination of both.

The man admitted causing actual bodily harm to a man and was sentenced to 10 months but would not serve any additional time due to the amount of time he had already spent on remand.

He admitted having punched Caroline Fisher, but said that he wouldn't have touched her if she had not attacked the woman who was his cousin. He said that he saw two men and a woman set upon his cousin, and said 'I punched the one that was using a weapon. I thought it was a bottle. She struck my cousin on the back of the head with it. I punched to stop her'.

The woman said that the man had been outside where he had had an argument with his partner and that she had gone outside to calm him down but that she was then attacked and had a glass smashed over her head.

She admitted having kicked Caroline Fisher whilst she was on the ground, but said that she had done so in self-defence as she was petrified after having her hair pulled and being attacked with a bottle or a glass. She said that when the violence broke out that she was hit over the head repeatedly and thought she would die.

The woman said, 'I'd gone outside to defuse the situation between two people. It wasn't my intention to cause any trouble outside. All I remember from that is my head being down. I was pulled down by the hair. At the time I thought it was the lady [Caroline Fisher]. It was an unprovoked attack on myself. I received some sharp blows to the side of my head, about four maybe. There was nothing I could do. I didn't know what I was hit with. I knew it was something hard. I thought it was a bottle or a glass. I was petrified. When I managed to break free I felt very disorientated. When I was being hit I felt she wanted to kill me. I didn't really have time to make sense of what was going on but I saw the lady who attacked me trying to get back off the floor. I thought she was going to attack me further. I defended myself. I kicked the lady. I didn't think I connected the first time. That’s why I kicked again. I wanted to defend myself. I didn't want to cause any harm. I just wanted to stun the lady'.

It was heard that following the fight that the man and woman had staged a mock reconstruction of the fight before hugging and kissing each other.

It was also said that following the incident that the man had sent a text message to his brother saying, 'I thrive off this s**t. That’s made my day' and then another saying, 'There are bodies laid out all over the place FFS'.

Caroline Fisher had gone to Ingoldmells for a holiday with her family and had only been there for eight hours. She was from Eastwood in Nottinghamshire. She had gone with a friend, her partner and her daughter.

Her family said that Caroline Fisher had been innocently caught up in the violence. A friend of Caroline Fisher said, 'She was a lovely person. She never committed a crime in her life. She was partially blind and had a cast on her leg. She was not well in herself'.

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