Unsolved Murders

Arthur Thompson Jr

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 25 May 1990

Place: Provanmill Road, Springboig, Glasgow

Arthur Thompson Jr was shot on his doorstep outside his home on 17 August 1991.

A man was tried for his murder in March 1992 but was acquitted.

Paul Hamilton had given the man an alibi which was instrumental in the man being acquitted and he was himself shot in Dee Street, Riddrie, Glasgow on 23 November 1993. Paul Hamilton's murder is also unsolved.

Two men that were said to have been accomplices of the man who was acquitted of the murder of ,Arthur Thompson Jr, Joseph Hanlon and Bobby Glover, were both themselves also murdered on 18 September 1991. They were shot in the head and anus, a hit that later became known as a 'Glasgow send-off'. Both of Joseph Hanlon and Bobby Glover's murder re also unsolved. They were shot on the night before Arthur Thompson Jr's funeral had left in Joseph Hanlon's car on Darleith Street which was on a section of the route along which Arthur Thompson Jr's funeral cortege was to pass.

Arthur Thompson Jr was a drug dealer and the son of Arthur Thompson Snr, who was described as a well known gangster.

Arthur Thompson Jr was shot in the head outside his home in Provanmill Road, Glasgow on 17 August 1991.

It was also said that the main who ws acquitted had attempted to murder Arthur Thompson Jr's father on 25 May 1990 by driving a car at him. A man said that he saw the car ramming twice into some railings before reversing and then driving off at high speed.

Arthur Thompson Jr was also known as Arthur 'Fat Boy' Thompson Junior.

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