Unsolved Murders

Alan Rosser

Age: 34

Sex: male

Date: 12 Nov 1999

Place: Imperial Hotel, Back Eaves Street, Blackpool

Source: www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk

Alan Rosser was shot outside his garage, Imperial Engineering on Back Eaves Street, North Shore, Blackpool, on 12 November 1999 at about 6.30pm.

Two men were charged with his murder, but the case against them was later dropped after the judge agreed with the defences claims.

Alan Rosser was shot in the head at close range with a .45 calibre bullet.

He was found shot by a worker from a nearby business who had come out after hearing several men arguing and then a shot fired.

After the shooting, a man was seen running off from Egerton Road, into Carshalton Road and then towards Sherbourne Road.

Alan Rosser was taken to the Blackpool Victoria Hospital and then on to the neurological ward at the Royal Preston Hospital but died the following morning.

He had previously been abducted, beaten with an iron bar, bundled into a van and robbed in March 1999 and left by the side of the M55 and the police said that they thought that he might have been involved in a gangland feud. It was said that the gang that had kidnapped him and been made up of ten men and that because of that, the situation he was in must have been significant as the effort required to organise the men and send them to Blackpool to find Alan Rosser was no small undertaking.

Three men were later convicted for kidnapping Alan Rosser in December 1999.

It was also noted that in March 1999 £40,000 worth of equipment was stolen from his premises and it was thought that the same people that had beaten him up had stolen the equipment.

The police said that he might have been involved in low-level drug dealing, noting that he had a conviction for possession of drugs as well as numerous motoring offence convictions. They said that they carried out investigations in Wolverhampton, Manchester and Sheffield, following the lead that his murder was drugs related.

It was also thought that he might have owed a considerable sum of money.

Alan Rosser was described as a man who enjoyed clubbing. He also offered services modding up Vespa Scooters at Imperial Engineering and was popular with Mods for that.

It was suggested that because of his frequent trips to Wolverhampton, Manchester and Sheffield, that he might have been involved with drug-trafficking.

It was noted that one of the men who was acquitted of kidnapping Alan Rosser was later convicted of blackmailing another garage owner into selling his garage at a low value, presumably through threats, to Roger Ormsby who was later found dead in a burning car in Moss Side in January 2000 having been shot, and whose murder is also unsolved.

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