Unsolved Murders

Barrington Williams-Samuels

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 2 Jan 2006

Place: Lower Clapton Road, Hackney

Barrington Williams-Samuels was shot in his car outside the Palace Pavillion nightclub in Hackney.

A man was tried for his murder in April 2008 but was cleared after the case was dropped due to lack of evidence. It was noted that the only evidence they had was from a single eye-witness and said that they could not base the case solely on that.

He was sat in a white Vauxhall Frontera car, registration K683 NWV, on the Lower Clapton Road opposite the Palace Pavilion nightclub at about 6.30am on 2 January 2006 when a gunman fired 17 bullets into the car. Barrington Williams-Samuels was hit in the head and died. He had been in the car with a friend and his sister. the friend was also shot but survived.

They had been on a night out and had stopped outside the club to see if they could get in but were turned away. It was thought that they had got into an altercation with someone at the club entrance after which they had gone back to their car. They then went to a takeaway nearby and bought some food and then went back to the car. After that a man approached the car from behind and fired the shots at them.

There were two suspects in the murder. The first was described as a stocky black man, aged 35 and 6ft 2in tall and the other aged about 20 and 5ft 7in tall. The second man was said to have been the man with the gun.

There was said to have been a wall of silence around the case with some people too afraid to speak to the police.

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