Unsolved Murders

Patrick Oyeri

Age: 29

Sex: male

Date: 4 Sep 2017

Place: Roseberry Road, Hounslow, Middlesex

Patrick Oyeri was stabbed in a knife brawl on Monday 4 September 2017.

He was found stabbed in the street following reports of a brawl between two groups of men. When the police arrived shortly after 3.35pm they saw a white Volkswagen Golf car drive off at speed. The Volkswagen was later found. An Air Ambulance was called out but Patrick Oyeri was declared dead at the scene at 4.15pm.

His cause of death was given as a stab wound to the liver.

Seven people were arrested and two people were later convicted on 24 May 2018 for violent disorder and possession of offensive weapons, but no one was convicted of Patrick Oyeri's murder.

One of the men, an 18-year-old, that was convicted of violent disorder had gone to Tanzania two days after the murder, but returned on 11 October 2017 at which point he was arrested at Heathrow Airport. He was then connected to the scene of the crime by DNA evidence found in the Volkswagen car as well as CCTV footage and cell phone data.

The other man that was arrested, a 19-year-old, was arrested on 19 September 2017. It was later determined that he had gone to West Middlesex hospital at 1.52pm on 4 September 2017, the day of the murder, to have a three inch laceration to his right thigh treated. He later told the police that he didn't know how he got the injury. CCTV footage of him at the hospital showed him to be wearing the same clothing as a man shown in CCTV footage near the scene of the murder with a large knife.

Witnesses that saw the brawl said that they saw thugs armed with big knives that they were swinging at each other.

Patrick Oyeri was from Feltham and had a five-year-old daughter.

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