Unsolved Murders

Barclay Gordon Frederick Bennett

Age: 18

Sex: male

Date: 13 May 1944

Place: Dawlish Teignmouth Road

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Barclay Gordon Frederick Bennett was knocked over by a car on the Dawlish to Teignmouth Road.

He was a shipwright apprentice and had lived at 5 Verbena Terrace in Shaldon.

He was found lying seriously injured on the road on 13 May 1944.

He had earlier been to a dance in Dawlish with a friend, having cycled there. His friend said that Barclay Bennett had left the dance about ten minutes before him and that when he later went home, he came across a stationary lorry and said that he was told that there had been an accident and that Barclay Bennett's cycle seemed to be wrecked.

A woman who lived at Ridgedale on the Teignmouth Road in Holcombe said that she heard a vehicle and then a loud crash and that a lorry then stopped nearby, and attention was given to Barclay Bennett. She said that she thought that the vehicle involved had been a light car and said that the crash was not caused by the lorry.

The coroner said that he was unable to say that the lorry had been the cause of the incident and returned a verdict of, 'Death from multiple injuries resulting from a road accident'.

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see Western Morning News - Saturday 27 May 1944