Unsolved Murders

Alexander Towers

Age: 70

Sex: male

Date: 20 Jan 1944

Place: Moss Street, Blackburn

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Alexander Towers was found dead on his bedroom floor with multiple injuries.

The police surgeon that examined his body said that he had many bruises and lacerations on his body that could only have been produced by marked violence, but that no vital part of his body had been affected.

He added that he was also satisfied that the wounds were not produced by him stumbling. He said that if the injuries were not inflicted by a second person that Alexander Towers would have had to have been in a maniacal condition or mental derangement to produce them, noting that the lacerations were severe and deep.

The inquest heard that his post-mortem revealed that he died in a state of fear but could not say whether it was purely fear or the fright of feeling himself dying.

His cause of death was given as heart trouble.

The coroner returned an open verdict, stating that his death was a mystery and that he was not prepared to say whether his injuries had any bearing on it.

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see Lancashire Evening Post - Thursday 20 January 1944

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