Unsolved Murders

Harold Arthur Bailey

Age: 56

Sex: male

Date: 2 Sep 1944

Place: Truro

Harold Arthur Bailey died from some form of poisoning after going out to a kinema with his wife.

He was a tailor's cutter and had lived with his wife in Boscawen Bridge in Truro.

Harold Bailey and his wife had gone out to the kinema on the Friday evening where it was noted that Harold Bailey had laughed heartily.

However, when they got home Harold Bailey complained of feeling ill, and his wife, seeing that he was in pain, suggested calling for a doctor but said that Harold Bailey was not willing for her to do so.

He had started off in the evening complaining about a pain in his stomach and had remarked that he must have eaten too much at lunch. His wife said that they had both had fried liver, but that she felt no ill effects from it.

After Harold Bailey was taken to the hospital an operation was carried out for what was considered to be an acute surgical condition, but nothing abnormal was found except the dilation of the stomach and Harold Bailey died before regaining consciousness.

It was noted that the absence of any abdominal disease was confirmed at the post-mortem and that his heart and lungs were normal.

As such, in view of the history of the case, it was thought that Harold Bailey had died from poisoning and parts of his stomach were taken away for further analysis.

The coroner remarked that his death appeared to be a mystery, however, nothing more about the case is known.

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