Unsolved Murders

Herbert Lomax

Age: 18

Sex: male

Date: 18 Oct 1945

Place: West Street, Widness

Herbert Lomax died from a bullet wound to the abdomen.

The manager of the Century Cinema in Widnes said that on the night of 17 October 1945 he had been sitting in his office when he had heard a loud report outside in the street and when he went out he saw Herbert Lomax lying on the footpath in West Street. He said that Herbert Lomax told him that he had shot himself.

Herbert Lomax was taken to Whiston Hospital where he died on 18 October 1945.

Herbert Lomax had lived in Davies Street in Widnes.

His mother said that Herbert Lomax had suffered from St Vitus's Dance following rheumatic fever at an early age and had been under medical care for years. However, she said that he had never threatened his life.

The coroner said that no one actually saw the shooting and said that although it was known that he had died from a bullet wound, there was not enough evidence to show how he was shot, and an open verdict was returned.

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