Unsolved Murders

Maud Jones

Age: 46

Sex: female

Date: 21 Mar 1945

Place: Lower Road, Yorkley

Maud Jones was found dead in a reservoir well of her home.

An open verdict was returned.

Her death was due to asphyxia due to drowning.

At the inquest it was heard that Maud Jones had made allegations against her husband and son saying that they were trying to poison her in the water from the Council mains. However, the coroner said that her allegations were obviously untrue.

The coroner said, 'You have heard certain allegations made by the wife against her husband and son. It is a serious matter for allegations to be made in this way, but on the evidence, there does not seem to be one particle of truth in these allegations which the woman made. It is hurtful to the husband for these things to be broadcast about, and there is no single bit of evidence to support it., which clears the father and his son of what the woman may have said whilst she was alive'.

Her husband said that Maud Jones had been under the care of a doctor for two years and that her health was not good, and said that her condition had made her jealous and said that she had said that there had been another woman which he said was untrue.

He said that they had had differences, but that they were only on account of the 'other women', and said that he had never used violence towards her, noting that they had been married for 20 years.

Maud Jones's son said that there had been differences between Maud Jones and his father but said that he had never seen his father use violence against Maud Jones and added that he had never heard Maud Jones threaten to take her own life.

The police said that they found no note from Maud Jones.

A woman that lived in part of the house occupied by Maud Jones said that Maud Jones would carry food in bags hung around her waist because she said that she feared that her husband was going to poison her. She said that she thought that Maud Jones had been taking too many aspirins and said that she told her so.

A man that lived in Upper Oldcroft said that Maud Jones regarded him as an uncle and would frequently visit him at his place during throughout 1943 to 1944 and said that when she did so she often complained about the conduct of her husband and had accused her husband and son of trying to poison her several times. He said that she often visited on Sunday evenings and that when she did, she always brought tea, sugar and butter or margarine with her, which he said suggested that she was in fear of being poisoned. He said that Maud Jones had been very definite in her accusation.

Her doctor said that Maud Jones complained to her of various symptoms, but said that she always mentioned the fact that she was troubled by the fact that her husband had been having an affair with another woman.

Her post-mortem stated that her death was due to asphyxia due to drowning.

A County Analyst who examined the contents of a jar that he had been handed by the police said that he could find no trace of poisonous or injurious substances and added that he could find no evidence of any foreign substance that would account for her death or which would have caused unconsciousness.

Maud Jones had lived in Lower Road, Yorkley.

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