Unsolved Murders

Syed Mehdi

Age: 23

Sex: male

Date: 5 Mar 2008

Place: Blue Ice Bar, Cranbrook Road, Ilford

Syed Mehdi was shot outside the Blue Ice Bar in Cranbrook Road, Ilford.

He had been a doorman at the club.

Police were called at 11.35pm on 1 March 2008 to the club after shots were reported and Syed Mehdi and another man were taken to the Royal London Hospital in an ambulance with gunshot wounds.

Syed Mehdi had been shot three times in the front of his body and later died on 5 March 2008 at 12.45am.

The other man, who had been 37-years-old, had been shot in the back of his body and was treated and then discharged.

They were said to have been shot by a single gunman who was described as being a black male aged between 17 and 25. He had been wearing a grey hooded top, black jeans, black shoes with white laces and had been carrying a bag across his chest.

He was thought to have fired the shots with a handgun and then run off towards Ilford High Street.

CCTV evidence was recovered showing a number of men that the police said they were interested in speaking to. In particular, footage showed a suspicious man that had been seen near the bar before the shooting. He was seen to stop three men near Ilford train station on Cranbrook Road, about 150 yards from the Blue Ice Bar and speak to them, possibly asking for directions. The police said that they were interested in speaking to those three men as possible witnesses. After speaking to the three men the suspicious man in the CCTV footage was seen to walk back towards the bar and when he was near a cashpoint he was seen to put a hood on his top up.

Police said that the shooting was targeted and that the gunman had walked up to the doorman and pointed the gun at them without speaking and then shot at them. Police said that the gunman had waited for two girls that were waiting to go into the club before he opened fire.

Police said that the weapon was a converted Baikal pistol.

Syed Mehdi was a Pakistani national and had lived in Ilford.

He was 6ft 7in tall and weighed 30 stone.

His nickname was Zed.

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