Unsolved Murders

Joan Warham

Age: 21

Sex: female

Date: 6 Jun 1945

Place: Sussex Road, Southport

Joan Warham died from an abortion.

She collapsed and died in her bathroom.

A doctor had been called, but she died before he arrived. Her mother said that she heard a thud in the bathroom and when she went to see, she saw Joan Warham lying on the floor. She said that she had never suspected that Joan Warham was pregnant.

It was said that she had enjoyed good health, but had recently complained of stomach pains.

Her post-mortem revealed that her death was due to shock following an attempt to procure an abortion.

An open verdict was returned at her inquest on Wednesday 6 June 1945.

She was a shop assistant and had been employed by her father. She had been engaged to be married to an American soldier.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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