Unsolved Murders

Paul Hartley

Age: 11

Sex: male

Date: 1 Nov 1991

Place: Longmoor Lane, Fazakerley

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Paul Hartley was knocked down by a car that didn't stop.

He had lived in Second Avenue in Fazakerley.

He had been crossing the road with some friends at the time to go to the park to set off some fireworks.

His friend said that they had crossed to the central reservation and that he saw Paul Hartley look to see if there was any traffic coming and that he then took two or three steps into the road and that he was then hit by the car.

He said that the car spun round in a circle and then carried on down Longmoor Lane, and that a second car then hit Paul Hartley's legs.

He said that the first car was driving faster than normal but that the second car was travelling at the normal speed.

He said that the first car made no effort to stop.

Another one of Paul Hartley's friends said that she and Paul Hartley and another friend were crossing the road and had reached the central reservation. She said that when she looked, the first car seemed far enough away to cross at first, but that she then realised that it was travelling very fast.

She said that Paul Hartley went across and got halfway over the first lane and that the car then hit him.

However, she said that the car didn't spin around, and said that it just kept going.

A driver travelling in the opposite lane that saw the accident said, 'I saw the young lad spinning in the air. I thought it was a large rag doll or a Guy Fawkes'.

The driver of the second car said that she had been pulling into the outside lane at the time and that she had only been going at about 20mph when she hit him. She said that she suddenly saw a small figure roll over into the road and that she braked but said that Paul Hartley was right under the car and that she didn't have time to stop.

The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death and appealed for anyone that had information about the first car to come forward. He said, 'This is a very sad case of a child knocked down and killed by the most cowardly of drivers, the driver who fails to stop'.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

see Liverpool Echo - Monday 09 March 1992