Unsolved Murders

Fidel Glasgow

Age: 21

Sex: male

Date: 1 Sep 2018

Place: Club M, Junction Street, Coventry, Warwickshire

Fidel Glasgow was stabbed during some disorder outside the Club M nightclub in Coventry in the early hours of Saturday 1 September 2018 and later died in hospital. He died less than 12 hours after being stabbed.

A number of people were charged with offences arising out of the disturbance but no one was charged with Fidel Glasgow's murder.

Another 23-year-old man was also stabbed and seriously injured but he later recovered.

Charges and convictions associated with the disturbance are:

  • February 2019: A man was sentenced to four years in prison for violent disorder and robbery.
  • April 2021: Ten people faced charges relating to the stabbing of another man in the disturbance.

What was described as a mob had gathered outside the club in Junction Street at about 5.20am which escalated into violence with a number of weapons being used. A large amount of CCTV footage captured the disturbance from several vantage points.

The judge that jailed the man in 2019 described the incident as an 'incident of serious public disorder' and a 'modern battlefield'.

The 23-year-old man who was also stabbed and seriously injured later recovered and ten men faced charges relating to the attack on him, six of them facing charges of wounding with intent, violent disorder and possession of an offensive weapon.

One of the men that was charged with wounding with intent, violent disorder and possession of an offensive weapon was a 23-year-old rapper who was noted for having been a Brit Awards nominated performer and had been the winner of the BBC Sound of 2021 in January 2021.

Fidel Glasgow was noted for having been the grandson of a famous singer from The Specials band.

It was said that Fidel Glasgow had been part of the group of men that were chasing the man that was stabbed but had been stabbed enroute. It was said that earlier on in the chased he had been stabbed and had staggered away before collapsing. The chase was said to have continued and the man being chased was then himself stabbed and robbed. The man convicted in 2019 had been involved in the robbery on the man that was chased.

It was said that the trouble had flared after the large group of people gathered in the parking area in Junction Street and Hertford Place by Club M and that the man that was convicted in 2019 threw the first punch. He had denied being involved and had claimed that he had come across the man that was stabbed and had been trying to help him. However, CCTV evidence clearly showed him wearing a white hooded top with the word 'COBRA' on the back and he was also found to have had a stolen phone on him. At his trial he admitted robbery.

Evidence showed that after being hit and chased that the man had fled towards a car that he tried to get into but was trapped and surrounded by 17 people during which time he was stabbed in the lower abdomen and left arm. However, the evidence showed that the man that was convicted in 2019 had not been at the front of the group and could not have stabbed the man and it was said that it was still not known who stabbed him.

It was said that by the time that the man was stabbed that Fidel Glasgow had already been stabbed. At the trial of the man in 2019 a QC said, 'In the same few seconds a second male, Fidel Glasgow, at the forefront of chasing the other man, was stabbed in the right side of his abdomen. He staggered away and collapsed. He died of his injuries that day and there is an ongoing murder inquiry into his death'.

After the man was stabbed by the car he had managed to run off and was chased by a smaller group of men and it was at that point that the man convicted in 2019 attacked him, being at the forefront of that group, and he was proven to pull the man to the ground and kick him in the head whilst other men kicked and beat him and that the man convicted then stole his mobile phone which he was later found in possession of, having rifled the man's pockets whilst he was down for it.

The assault of the other man had ended in Queen Victoria Road, which was described as busy and which was a few hundred yards from Club M.

When the man that was convicted in 2019 was sentenced, the judge said, 'I know you are not the one who stabbed him, but you were part of that violent disorder and we saw the way you continued to chase him like a dying animal. You were closing in for the kill. Shakespeare and Victor Hugo have a special place for those who rob the seriously injured in what is the modern battlefield, quite frankly. The way it ended with the robbery of that poor man lying in the road in Coventry, is truly shocking'.

During the investigation into the murder of Fidel Glasgow, three months after his murder, the police released twenty pictures of people from the scene that they thought might be able to help and a number of dawn raids were carried out across Coventry and Nuneaton in October 2019 in connection with the disturbance and Fidel Glasgow's murder.

However, to date the police have still not managed to charge anyone for Fidel Glasgow's murder.

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