Unsolved Murders

Shannon Aspin

Age: 17

Sex: female

Date: 2 Aug 2016

Place: St Gabriels Avenue, Blackburn, Lancashire

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

Shannon Aspin died from brain injuries resulting from a fractured skull.

However, there was no evidence to show how she received the injury and an open verdict was returned. The coroner said that there were two options, accidental death or an unlawful killing.

She was found outside her house in St Gabriel’s Avenue in Blackburn on 28 July 2016 and taken to the Royal Preston Hospital where she die five days later on Tuesday 2 August 2016.

The inquest heard that she had been arguing with her boyfriend on the day that she was found injured. However, it was noted that her boyfriend didn't show up for the inquest. It was also suggested that Shannon Aspin had gone off after a lover's tiff with her boyfriend and slipped and hit her head.

A witness said that they had seen Shannon Aspin arguing with a man on Rutland Close in Blackburn on the evening of Thursday 28 July 2016.

Her boyfriend was arrested but was later released without charge.

When Shannon Aspin's boyfriend was questioned, he said that he had gone to work at about 10am, which it was heard his boss disputed, and returned around 2.30pm and then gone to his father's house with Shannon Aspin in Clayton-le-Moors at about 6pm.

He said that they argued, and that Shannon Aspin then walked off, but later returned and was seen screaming and shouting outside.

It was said that when Shannon Aspin's boyfriend went out looking for her that when he had found her they had decided to get a taxi back. It was heard that during the taxi journey, Shannon Aspin had complained of having a headache and had asked the driver to turn off the music. However, her boyfriend said that he didn't see any sign of injury about her.

He said that when they got back home, he then went out again to go to the local shop.

Shannon Aspin's boyfriend said that when he got home again Shannon Aspin complained that she had a headache and just lay there on the settee 'staring into space'. He said that it looked like she had taken something. He said that when she tried to stand up she was sick and that when he went to get something to clear things up he heard the front door slam and that when he got back he found that she had gone outside for some fresh air and that he soon after saw her in their neighbour's garden being helped into an ambulance.

At her inquest, it was heard that Shannon Aspin made no allegations that she had been assaulted and that there was no CCTV footage to reveal what had happened, nor any witnesses. The police added that there was also no evidence on Shannon Aspin's phone to indicate that she had been assaulted.

A doctor at her inquest said that her symptoms included seizures which were conducive with a head injury and noted that there could have been an interval between the time that she had received her injuries and when she had first started to exhibit symptoms.

He added that he could find no injuries to suggest that she had been physically assaulted but couldn't rule out the possibility that she had been pushed with an open hand that had caused her to fall backwards.

A toxicology report that was later carried out revealed evidence that she had recently taken cannabis and a sedative.

The doctor concluded by stating that Shannon Aspin's cause of death was due to a head injury that she had received at some time on 28 July 2016 and returned an open conclusion.

Shannon Aspin had been a nurse. She had been with her boyfriend for about a year and they had been living together at the time in St Gabriel’s Avenue.

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