Unsolved Murders

Mark Maguire

Age: 44

Sex: male

Date: 14 May 2018

Place: Achintore Road, Fort William, Scotland

Mark Maguire died after an altercation outside a hotel in Fort William.

His friend was tried for his culpable homicide, but a verdict of not proven was returned.

They had been friends for years and had just got back from climbing Ben Nevis with a group of friends, having travelled up from Glasgow.

It was said that his friend had punched him so hard on the neck that he had died the following day in hospital.

Mark Maguire died from a traumatic brain injury.

They had been part of a group that had gone out for an Indian meal and something to drink after having finished climbing Ben Nevis.

However, it was said that in the early hours Mark Maguire became annoyed about something and the son of the man tried stepped in to act as peacemaker but when Mark Maguire was alleged to have thrown a punch the man that was tried stepped in and threw a punch at Mark Maguire although he had said that he was not sure that it had connected. However, Mark Maguire ended up on the ground unconscious and later died.

He was found lying in the street at about 3.15am on 13 May 2018 after which he was taken to a hospital in Glasgow where he died the following day.

The post mortem showed that his cause of death was due to him having been hit on the neck and it then being forced to the side.

However, at the trial the defence stated that the 'The Crown has not led a single scrap of evidence that shows anyone punched Mr Maguire on the side of the neck'.

Mark Maguire was from Bishopbriggs in East Dunbartonshire.

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