Unsolved Murders

Ethan Nedd-Bruce

Age: 18

Sex: male

Date: 22 Oct 2018

Place: Collins House, Armitage Road, Greenwich

Ethan Nedd-Bruce was shot and stabbed outside Collins House in Armitage Road, Greenwich on 22 October 2018 at about 9.25pm.

He had been involved in an altercation earlier on with some white men in Woolwich Road outside a chicken restaurant at about 9.20pm and had run away but was chased into Armitage Road by two people on a motorbike and a silver Ford Kuga car where he was then killed.

It was thought that he had been shot by one of the people on the motorcycle.

The motorcycle was described as high powered.

His cause of death was described as being due to a gunshot wound. He died about 30 minutes after the police were first called out.

It was said that his murder was a targeted attack and that it was linked to an number of other incidents in the area between two criminal groups although the police later said that the organised crime gangs had since been largely dismantled.

His attackers were seen arriving in Woolwich Road on a motorbike and in a silver Ford Kuga car, apparently aware that Ethan Nedd-Bruce was in the chicken restaurant. The attack on Ethan Nedd-Bruce was described as an ambush.

However, it was also considered that he might have been the victim of a case of mistaken identity.

CCTV showed an initial scuffle in the street.

The police released CCTV footage of two vehicles that the attackers were said to have used for the attack, a motorcycle and a car. The police said, 'We are also releasing footage showing the two vehicles Ethan’s attackers used that evening. One is a motorbike with a rider and pillion passenger, the other is a silver Ford Kuga with a number of occupants. Both these vehicles were in Woolwich Road at the time of the first altercation and then pursued Ethan into Armitage Road'.

Further CCTV showed a white man in black clothing with a mobile phone that they said they wanted to trace as a potential witness. The man was described as:

  • White.
  • Male.
  • Beard.
  • Holding a mobile phone.

The man was said to have walked past the chicken shop that Ethan Nedd had been in just before he was first attacked. The police said, 'This person, who I want to stress is not a suspect, may well have seen something that could assist with our investigation and I would urge him to make contact with officers'.

A 26-year-old man was arrested shortly after the murder but was released with no further action taken.

However, two people were arrested on suspicion of murder in May 2020, a 24-year-old and 34-year-old. However, they were later released under investigation.

Ethan Nedd-Bruce had lived in Charlton.

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