Unsolved Murders

Brian Andrews

Age: 46

Sex: male

Date: 10 Sep 1990

Place: Princes Street, Norwich, East Anglia

Brian Andrews died following a fight in Princes Street, Norwich whilst out drinking on 8 September 1990.

Three men were tried for his murder, but it couldn't be determined which blow had caused Brian Andrews's death and they were acquitted, although one of them was convicted of affray and sentenced to 21 months imprisonment.

Brian Andrews had been out drinking with his two sons at the Festival House pub in Norwich. It was heard that later, outside the pub, Brian Andrews's son had got into an argument with three men, two of them being Royal Marine Commandos, and that Brian Andrews had encouraged his son to start a brawl.

It was said that the three men had tried to walk away but that as they did so, Brian Andrews's son kicked one of them from behind. It was said that Brian Andrews's son was then told to 'leave it out' but that Brian Andrews and two of his friends then arrived in support of his son and that Brian Andrews then appeared to throw the first punch after which the three men fought back, with one of the men punching Brian Andrews, causing him to fall and hit his head on the ground.

At the trial it was heard that there was a common acceptance that the first punch that the men had thrown, knocking Brian Andrews to the ground had been done in self-defence.

However, it was also heard that following that, that the three men, who were said to have quickly gained control in the fight, had continued to fight and that Brian Andrews had then been kicked whilst on the ground and that one of the men had stamped on his throat.

Brian Andrews was taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital but died on the following Monday 10 September 1990.

Brian Andrews was 6ft tall and weighed 22 stone and had previously been in the Coldstream Guards.

Following Brian Andrews's death, the police soon arrested the men involved in the fight. They interviewed the man that hit Brian Andrews first, fourteen times, but he denied attacking Brian Andrews until the twelfth interview in which he admitted kicking him.

The man said that he and his friends were on their first visit to Norwich and that whilst walking down the street they had encountered Brian Andrews's son who had shouted abuse at them. He said that they were then followed by a group of about ten people along Prince's Street and had attempted to diffuse the situation. However, the man that hit Brian Andrews with the first punch said that he went mad and blew his top after his neck chain was broken and his shirt was ripped.

However, at the trial at which the three men were tried for the murder of Brian Andrews, the judge directed the jury to acquit them on the murder charge, stating that whilst the medical evidence showed that Brian Andrews had died from head injuries caused during the fight, possibly caused whilst he was being kicked on the ground, the injury that killed him could just as well have been caused by the first blow that the man had thrown, which it was accepted, had been thrown in self-defence.

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