Unsolved Murders

Paul Stevens

Age: 33

Sex: male

Date: 23 Aug 1990

Place: Grand Union Canal, Hayes

Source: totalcrime.co.uk

Paul Stevens was found dead, floating face down, in the Grand Union Canal, near the Hayes Bypass, just behind the Nestles factory at 5.45am on Thursday, 23 August 1990.

It was thought that he was murdered at about 4.45am on the 23 August 1990.

He was last seen the night before at about 10pm on 22 August 1990, about three or four miles away, when he left the Chariot public house in in Hounslow High Street. He had been drinking earlier at the Tankerville public house nearby, also in Hounslow High Street.

It was not known how he had got from Hounslow High Street to the Grand Union Canal and Hayes.

Paul Stevens was 33 years old, about 5ft 5in tall, about nine stone and had a full dark beard and dark hair. On the night he was murdered he had been wearing a pink shirt, a purple and blue striped jumper that he had tied around his waist, grey/black patterned trousers and grey shoes with no socks.

His post-mortem showed that he had been hit on the back of the head by at least twice by blows with a blunt instrument and had a fractured skull. The murder weapon was never found. The police said that they searched the banks of the can as well as carrying out an underwater search for it, but without success.

Paul Stevens was a homosexual and although there was no known motive, the police said that they had not ruled out the possibility that there was a homophobic motive behind his murder.

There were no signs that he had been robbed, or that he had put up a struggle.

He was an unemployed barman and had lived in Belvedere Road in Hounslow West.

At the time the police said that they were interested in speaking to two men who Paul Stevens had been seen speaking to earlier in the night and released artists impressions of them.

The first was a man that Paul Stevens had been seen talking to in the Tankerville pub in Hounslow.

The second man was a man that he was seen speaking to later in the Chariot pub where he stayed until about 10pm.

The police also said that they were interested in speaking to anyone who had walked along the Grand Union Canal towpath between 10pm on 22 August and 6am the following day.

At an appeal in 2002 the police said that they were interested in tracing a man who drank in the Tankerville pub, saying that he was about 25-year-old, over 6ft tall, with blond hair and with an athletic build. He was possibly thought to have been from Australia or New Zealand.

The police said that they were also interested in speaking to two witnesses who gave evidence at the time.

The first was a woman who had been about 23-years-old at the time who had lived in Hounslow and who had been an occupational therapist.

The other witness was a woman who had been about 18-years-old at the time and who had worked as a barmaid at the Hussar pub.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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