Unsolved Murders

Brendan Carey

Age: 47

Sex: male

Date: 3 Nov 1990

Place: Prince of Wales Pub, 342 Caledonian Road, Islington, North London

Brendan Carey was shot five times in the head in the Prince of Wales pub in Caledonian Road, Islington in September 1990.

It was thought that he had been shot by a contract killer arranged by a former Ulster Defence Association official who was expelled from the organisation for drug trafficking. The official was said to have first gone to Spain after his expulsion but to have then gone to London where it was thought that he had links with East End drugs gangs. It was said that he paid cash for former colleagues in the UDA to come to London to carry out contract killings.

Brendan Carey, who was said to have been an armed robber, had been drinking in the Prince of Wales pub when two men wearing crash helmets came in and shot him and then made their escape on a motorcycle.

The police said that they thought that his murder was ordered following and argument over the proceeds of a drugs deal or an armed robbery.

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