Unsolved Murders

Surinder Gill

Age: 33

Sex: male

Date: 30 Jan 1990

Place: Beavers Open Space, Green Lane, Hounslow, West London

Surinder Gill was found dead in his maroon Mercedes Carin a field, Beavers Open Space, next to the Westway’s Riding School in Green Lane, Hounslow on the morning of 30 January 1990 at 7am.

He had been stabbed to death.

He was found early in the morning by a rider.

His inquest stated that it was thought that he died at the hands of more than one person and it was thought that he had been stabbed to death by at least two men. It was said that he had plainly struggled.

He was a financial consultant and an insurance broker and had lived in Dane Road, Southall and had two children.

It was thought that he might have been murdered by members of the Holy Smokes gang.

He had been driving through Southall when his car was thought to have been hijacked.

He was last seen by a friend that he left in Southall Broadway at 2pm on 29 January 1990. It was thought that he had then driven along South Road on his way to an appointment at the Indian Workers' Association in The Green and that on the way he had been stopped and overpowered by two or three men, one of whom was wearing a crash helmet, who then got into his car. However, no on actually saw the hijack or the men get into his car.

The police said that they thought that his car was then driven to Greenford where it was seen doing a U-turn before it was taken to Hounslow where it was thought he was murdered and where he was later found. However, it was stated that what happened after his car reached the field in Greenford and his murder was not clear. It was suggested that he had been allowed to leave the field with the man in the crash helmet as he was said to have been spotted several times later that evening, including once at a West End restaurant, but to have returned for some reason, possibly under threat or duress, and was then murdered.

His car had a custom number plate 16 GLL.

At lunchtime on 29 January 1990, Surinder Gill had bought some sandwiches and chips which were in his car. He had a mobile phone in his car and was said to have used his car as using it as a mobile office. He was described as being flamboyant and a charmer and well known in Southall.

At 2pm he was seen by a man who worked at a chemist’s shop on South Road in Southall. Then, a few seconds later, at 2.01pm, he was on his phone to a business associate from his car. The business associate said that as they were talking, he suddenly heard Surinder Gill struggling with some other people, saying that he heard someone saying, 'disconnect, disconnect, take me to Greenford now, disconnect', before the line went dead.

Surinder Gill's car was next seen being driven by the man in the crash helmet along Merrick Road about half a mile away.

It was then next seen a mile and a half away at 2.10pm on Greenford Road. The car was then seen about half a mile further along Greenford Road to turn around and head back towards Southall.

His car was next seen near Beavers Open Space in Hounslow driving across the playing field by Green Lane at about 2.30pm and it was thought that it remained there for about 30 minutes.

Surinder Gill  was due to collect his daughter from her school where he had earlier dropped her off, but failed to do so.

However, Surinder Gill was next seen at Gillet Corner at about 6.45pm that evening at a Comet Warehouse in Syon Lane. It was said however that he had seemed quite normal and didn't appear as though he had been kidnapped, was concerned about having failed to pick up his children or was being threatened, as he told the store assistant that he was having a lot of problems with interference on his phone and asked whether they could sort something out for him. The assistant suggested another phone and then arranged to meet Surinder Gill on Thursday at 2pm, after Surinder Gill  told him that he was a little pushed for time right then.

It was noted that several people had been trying to call him throughout the day, but had not been able to get through.

His car was later seen at 7.30pm and then again at 9.30pm in Southall, however, he had not contacted his family who were worried about him after he failed to pick up his daughter.

However, nothing more was known of his movements until he was found the following morning at 7am dead in his car.

The police later said that they thought that Surinder Gill had been earlier overpowered in South Road whilst in his car at about 2pm and highjacked by the men in crash helmets and they appealed for anyone who saw it happen, stating that it would have appeared unusual and struck a bell with someone.

The police said that they were also trying to find out where Surinder Gill and his car were between 3.30pm and 5.30pm, which they said was a time gap that they wanted to complete.

Following his inquest in June 1990, the police said that they were still following up a number of leads and possible motives for his murder.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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