Unsolved Murders

Evan Jones

Age: 46

Sex: male

Date: 13 Mar 2002

Place: Avonmead House Flats, Montpelier, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Evan Jones was found beaten to death in Stokes Croft, Bristol.

He had previously been out for a drink at the Beaufort pub in York Road, Stokes Croft, and left around 10pm.

He later got involved in a fight outside a block of flats and was found unconscious at about 10.55pm on the pavement. He was taken to the Bristol Royal Infirmary but died.

He was thought to have been punched, kicked and beaten with a chain. The chain was thought to have been either a bike chain or a large dog chain.

The police said that they thought that more than one person had been involved in the attack on him. They also said that they thought that he had known his attackers and that there had been other witnesses to it.

It was thought that he had somehow injured his leg after leaving the pub, possibly after he had returned to his own flat when losing his temper over something and then gone back out.

At 10.49pm he called an old girlfriend who lived in France. He then went towards Avonmead House flats where he got into the fight. The fight was reported at 10.55pm. The police said that they were interested in knowing what had happened to him in the 6-minute period following the telephone call he made to his old girlfriend in France and the 999 call that was made to report the fight.

Numerous people reported seeing the assault but many of them gave differing accounts with some people saying that there were more than one person and others saying that there was only one attacker and other people saying that a man had joined in the attack.

The area around Avonmead House flats was known at the time as a fighting hotspot.

It was heard that earlier on in the evening Evan Jones had complained about being robbed shortly beforehand and expressed a wish to move out of Bristol.

His autopsy also found that he had had a heart attack earlier on in the evening.

He had lived in a flat on City Road in Paul's. He was 5ft 11in tall and of a stocky build. He had short dark brown/ginger hair and had been wearing glasses, a brown coat, a grey fleece, green trousers and black shoes.

Evan Jones had two children.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.