Unsolved Murders

Christopher Hewitt

Age: 18

Sex: male

Date: 10 Jun 2001

Place: Jolly Roger Pub, All Hallows Road, Bristol

Source: www.flickr.com

Christopher Hewitt was stabbed in a brawl outside the Jolly Roger pub in All Hallows Road.

He was stabbed 10 times. Fifteen people had been sitting on a wall close by but were reluctant to speak to the police. There were also said to have been a lot of people inside the pub that might have seen something who also appeared reluctant to speak to the police.

Christopher Hewitt was from Jamaica and had been visiting the UK and Bristol for a few weeks.

It was thought that some Yardies from East Kingston, in Jamaica, had gone to the Jolly Roger pub on the night and had sent message in to Christopher Hewitt to come outside. When he did he was slashed 24 times with knives and stabbed. His stomach was ripped open and he had been stabbed through the skull.

Police later found a sheath knife nearby which they said had been one of the murder weapons. The police also found a strip of metal from a carving knife 7 to 8ins long which was thought to have been another weapon used.

During their investigation, 19 people were arrested but no one was ever charged, and little evidence could be found.

Following his death, the police launched Operation Atrium to target drug related crime and in six weeks managed to arrest 85 people. They also recovered over £30,000 worth of heroin, £18,500 in cash, a Webley self-loading automatic pistol, several replica guns and some shotgun cartridges. They said that hundreds of people were flying into the UK from Jamaica carrying drugs, often internally at a risk to their lives resulting in about 90kg of cocaine arriving each week, 9kgs of which the police said was arriving in Bristol.

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